St. Mary School supports the integration of technology across the curriculum at all grade levels, fostering growth in digital literacy, critical thinking, creative publishing, effective communication, ethical use, and improved productivity. We use a Chromebook 1:1 program!

At St. Mary School, students will enhance their educational experience; express their feelings, values, and ideals through art; build their independent and critical thinking skills, and be given exposure to:

  • Multiple Art concepts and techniques through clay, painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, sculpture, fiber arts, and mixed media.

In music class at St. Mary School, students will learn music vocabulary, staff literacy skills, and performance skills through singing, instrumental, and movement activities.

Band lessons at St. Mary are provided by Nathan Russell from Portage Soundworks. Lessons are 1/2 hour long and will be scheduled in-person on a weekly basis. Weekly attendance at your scheduled instrument lesson time is crucial for proper musical development within the band program.

The goal of Phy Ed class is to encourage our students to be active, to make healthy choices, and to have FUN doing it.  Students have Phy Ed twice a week, grades K-2 for 30 minutes and grades 3-8 for 45 minutes.  Students can earn up to 5 points a class for:

  • proper shoes/clothes
  • paying attention and following directions
  • effort given
  • teamwork and cooperation with others
  • overall sportsmanship

Students are not graded on athletic ability or wins/losses of games, but on how well they function within their teams and the effort they put forth.  Students in grades 5-8 will also be graded on various unit quizzes.

Spanish for Kids is the curriculum St. Mary School uses in the classroom providing students with interactive, easy-to-use, Spanish language learning programs. The curriculum is comprehensive — employing songs, visual aids, games, music, and a variety of printed and digital materials to not only teach kids Spanish, but also to inspire them to use it!