Welcome to K-8 Technology. The students and I meet twice a week to hone their computer literacy and sharpen their technological skills. In the early grades we answer the questions “How does a computer do what it does?” and “How do we use computer applications?” We take a “hands on” approach to assist them in learning and discovery. We also begin to discover what the Internet has to offer.

In middle elementary, we focus on using these applications as tools and deciding which ones are best for particular tasks. We focus more time on using the Internet for researching a topic and navigating particular sites to assist in learning.

In upper elementary and jr. high, we use many of the tools the Internet has to offer. We begin blogging and using online presentation tools (among others), and, soon, we hopefully want to get into movie making and editing and podcasting. It is a very exciting time as we interact with the virtual world using it to enhance and assist our learning.

The goal of Phy Ed class is to encourage our students to be active, to make healthy choices, and to have FUN doing it.  Students have Phy Ed twice a week, grades K-2 for 30 minutes and grades 3-8 for 45 minutes.  Students can earn up to 5 points a class for:

  • proper shoes/clothes
  • paying attention and following directions
  • effort given
  • teamwork and cooperation with others
  • overall sportsmanship

Students are not graded on athletic ability or wins/losses of games, but on how well they function within their teams and the effort they put forth.  Students in grades 5-8 will also be graded on various unit quizzes.