St. Mary Facts

Fast Facts:

Grades: 4-K through 8
Enrollment: 185
Teaching Staff: 16
Support Staff: 6
Average Class Size: 16

At St. Mary, we prepare each child spiritually, scholastically and socially to excel at the next level. When students leave here, they are extremely well prepared for high school…and beyond.

Scholastic: The St. Mary learning environment is exceptional. We set the bar high and help each student reach it:

  • With a 4-K to 8 structure, our sense of community is strong and our families are very involved.
  • Our average class size is 16… ideal for teaching and learning.
  • The curriculum and instruction are centered around Standards and Benchmarks from the Office of Catholic Schools (Diocese of Madison).
  • Chromebooks are incorporated into daily 1-1 instruction.
  • A strong arts program is integrated into the overall curriculum.
  • Students get to take Spanish beginning in third grade.
  • An academic support system is in place to help meet the needs of all students; tutoring is often available during school hours.
  • Our online “Facts” program allows parents and students access to grades at any time.

Social:  Social and cultural development go hand-in-hand with academics in a supportive and family-like atmosphere.

  • Each child belongs to a buddy family with kids in every other grade; the older students act as mentors for the younger kids.
  • Students can choose from a wide range of co-curricular activities.
  • Organized athletics start in grade 5, giving students early access to quality coaching, and a strong foundation of fundamentals, teamwork, and sportsmanship.
  • Opportunities for artistic performance and public speaking are offered throughout the year, helping to build confidence and communication skills.

Spiritual:  Spirituality is the common thread that ties everything together and forms the foundation for a lifetime of personal growth.

  • Students benefit from having an active priest in the classroom—and from being actively involved in weekly Mass.
  • The spiritual lessons students learn reinforce the academic, social, and behavioral lessons presented at home and in the classroom.