Golf Outing Add Ons

Golf Outing Add Ons



Can be used as a second shot given to a player as a substitute for the previous shot, for which the team is not charged an additional stroke. 1 Mulligan per player per shot. Can be used on drives, irons, chips and putts.

STRING (For Team)

This 12-foot piece of yarn can be used to improve a lie (Move your ball 15 inches to get out of a bunker), sink a putt or move a putt. However, each time the string is brought into play, that length used must be cut off.


Tee It Forward – Give your team an advantage by moving forward to the next tee box on hole #6. Men tee from the 150 yard marker and women tee from the 100.

PINK BALL 50/50 RAFFLE (For Team)

Of the four golf balls the team members are playing, one of them is pink. That pink ball rotates among the team members, changing after each hole. For example, Player 1 will use the pink ball as their ball on the first hole; on the second hole, Player 2 must use the pink ball for the entire hole, and so on, rotating throughout the round. All of the balls that make it back to the clubhouse will be put in a bucket and the team who’s ball is drawn wins the 50/50 raffle.


YETI Tundra Roadie accompanied with various beverages.


Major Duffy, who is currently stationed in Kuwait, would like to donate an 3×5 American Flag that he’s carried in his helmet bag throughout the theatre with a certificate along with their Aviation Task Force T-shirt (size to be chosen by winner).



Please select your add-ons for the golf outing.